Kylie (known in the office as Kyle) is off to New York City to start a new adventure with her fiancee.


Kylie started with the Q Morning Show back in August of 2015. She had been a fan since she was little and now was ON the show she grew up listening to.

It's been a lot of fun having Kylie on the show. She is incredibly talented, bright, quick and best of all so young - she gets NONE of the references from Jeff and myself...Lori.

I look at Kylie and think to myself, 'if I had half that talent 25 years ago when I started, I might be moving to NYC too'.

She has an amazing future ahead of her. She will be missed. There was no bigger task than taking over for Meredith, who had been with the show for 18 years. But for our listeners, they welcomed her with open arms...and then embraced her.

Here's the cake presentation and the huge send off...well, a send off...

Good luck Kyle. I'll miss teasing you and hearing you tell us how we are 'the worst'.

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