I'm not a fan of beer. I know that's shocking to most, but it just leaves an aftertaste in my mouth that I can't deal with. However, I am a big fan of hard cider. There are 165 beer breweries in Maine, but just 27 Maine cider breweries. Cider is easy to find in stores, but Maine-brewed cider is a little harder to come by.

If you're as much of a cider drinker as I am, you'll want to check out a new tasting room that opens soon in Portland, called Freedom's Edge Cider.

Freedom’s Edge Cider is the brainchild of brother-in-laws Ned Ervin and Andy Kaplan. They started their cider brewery on a piece of land in Freedom, Maine, but when the land was surveyed, it turned out that the land wasn't actually in Freedom. It was in Albion, Maine. How close was it? Just a mere 3,000 feet to the east of Freedom, as the crow flies. Hence the name "Freedom's Edge."

Check out these Freedom's Edge names:

  • Redfield Rosé
  • Sweet Mull-et
  • 3 O'Clock Twilight
  • Freedom’s Edge Gold

They're not only available in stores, but also at Freedom's Edge's new tasting room opening in Portland in East Bayside at 31 Diamond Street.

They've already had a soft opening for special guests, and were open on Saturday to the public from noon to 8. Their official grand opening in Portland will be on April 4.

If you want to learn a bit more about Freedom's Edge Cider and see all their flavors and cider cocktails, check out their website at freedomsedgecider.com

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