My most frequently used social media is Instagram. I prefer my carefully curated feed of photos and captions versus the mess and clutter of Facebook. I think Instagram has me figured out because I'm seeing more and more advertisements for products that I definitely don't need, but I certainly can't scroll by without throwing my credit card at the screen. 

It's always the funny or clever t-shirts from Etsy that get me. Why? I don't really wear t-shirts, and on the rare occasion that I throw one on, it's definitely not a graphic tee with some sassy phrase on it.

My wardrobe now contains three Instagram-fueled impulse buy graphic t-shirts and tank tops. I purchased these two tank tops after a few glasses of wine and a Cat Circus show. They're good for the gym, I guess? I've received a few compliments after wearing them to Orangetheory Fitness.

The most recent Instagram impulse purchase is equally out of character for me, but also, kind of sums me up perfectly. It's kind of a running joke that I can cry at the drop of a hat and it doesn't always mean I'm sad.

What was the last thing you impulse bought? Have you fallen victim to those ads on Instagram, too? If you want to get your hands on the same t-shirts and tank tops as me, I've linked them below.