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We '90s kids hold dear those unforgettable moments from our favorite TV show, Boy Meets World; whenever the gentle piano melody filled the air, signaling Mr. Feeny's sharp life lessons.

Boy Meets World was about the trials of teenage life from 1993-2000, and Mr. Feeny played the main character's Principal, Mr. Feeny, who would always shell out learning lessons to the cast.

No matter how you know the uber-talented William Daniels, you'll surely spot him when he visits Portland on April 19-April 21 at the Cross Insurance Arena.

According to IMDB, William Daniels has had a long and successful career in both movies and TV, with other notable roles including Dr. Mark Craig in St. Elsewhere, John Adams in 1776, David Brinkley in The Candidate, and George Feeny in Girl Meets World.

What is Maine Comic and Toy Con?

Every year, all the nerds (me included) get super stoked for this event, where you can geek on with your favorite show cast members. These are gatherings where enthusiasts of TV shows, movies, comics, and even professional wrestling come together to meet their idols, exchange handshakes, snag autographs, snap photos, and unapologetically revel in geekiness for a day or a weekend!

So if you'd like to see him in person, in Portland, Maine, for the Maine Comic and Toy Con, you can purchase tickets here.

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