We are our own breed up here in the Northern-est of the Northeast, especially the more north you get. Mainers live their own lives and we certainly speak our own language, whether it's replacing the "R" in words for a less than subtle "AH", coming up with our own words, or just taking existing words in the English dictionary and giving them new meaning.

If you're a Mainah, you know that the use of the word 'wicked' usually has nothing to do with being evil, wrong, or corrupt. In fact, something 'wicked' here in Maine could be quite fantastic ("That cah goes wicked fast!", or "Wow! It is wicked cold today", for example). But do you know that's only up here in the northeast? As a Mainah, I always found that to be fascinating, and when I'm traveling, I try not to use it in a sentence to describe something. If it slips out, I'm usually reminded quickly by the expression of confusion on the other person's face.

There is a quiz to take that was created by Buzzfeed, and yes, the "wicked" part of this article was a spoiler (but if you're from here, you already know that one). But how well do you know Maine slang as a whole? It's not quite as easy as it seems, but if you know that "Grab ya sled!" doesn't always mean going sledding down a hill, then you'll probably be off to a good start. Good luck, bub!

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