We love a celestial treat here in New England! On Monday, April 8, a total solar eclipse (of the heart) will be gracing the sky in Northern America.

According to NASA, a solar eclipse happens on Earth when a new moon blocks at least part of the sun, as seen from Earth. All solar eclipses project a large fuzzy shadow onto Earth. From within it, observers see a partial solar eclipse, watching the moon gradually block some of the sun before gradually moving away.

Only during a total solar eclipse (when the moon blocks all of the sun) does a smaller, darker shadow (called the umbra) project onto Earth. It looks like day is turning into night, momentarily.

Total eclipses happen every 18 months, and whether or not you are able to see it depends on where you are in the world. It just so happens that the one on Monday will be visible to us in Northern America.

A site called Indianabets.com conducted some research to find which states are the most excited about the upcoming eclipse. The site used Google Trends to search for “solar eclipse” to monitor excitement by state.
The New England states are especially jazzed, which is no surprise.
New Hampshire came in 6th, Maine in 3rd, and then our friends in Vermont came in at #1!

States Most Excited for the Solar Eclipse

RankStateSearch Interest Score
6New Hampshire69
10West Virginia50

Will you be watching the solar eclipse? If so, don't forget to wear the right eye protection!

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