Over the 15 years of the Q Morning Show, we have developed terms we use on the show that are rather unique. It all began years ago when we redefined the word 'bowling' to have nothing to do with pins.

If you're new to the show, you might get confused by some of the things we say, so we thought it would be a good idea to write a Q Morning Show Glossary of Terms that you can refer to. These are the quirky sayings and definitions that we use on a regular basis, and sometimes a little too much, that might not make any sense to someone who doesn't listen to the show on a regular basis.

We've noted some terms that we just use between us off-air.

Awesome sauce - To react in approval. Used by Lori. For example, when finding out Kylie has ordered breakfast, Lori would respond with "Awesome sauce" in a sing-song voice.

Baby-soft Puerto Rican skin - How Lori describes friend of the show Victor Rios. "You know the boy with the baby-soft Puerto Rican skin?" Victor is now in his 30's and still has the skin.

Baby Soft Puerto Rican Skin

Bowling - Another term for sex that was coined in the early days of the Q Morning Show when we wanted another way to talk about it without young ears knowing what we meant. Over 15 years later, bowling alleys across the state are looked at completely differently.

Correctamundo - Lori's way of saying "You're right." Originally used by Fonzie on Happy Days and later by Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) in Pulp Fiction.


Every ding dong day - Jeff's term for being frustrated when the same things happens day after day. "I seem to run into someone holding up the line at the grocery store every ding dong day."

En fuego - Spanish for 'on fire.' Used by Kylie but not as often as her daily Spanish greeting 'Hola,' which means 'hello.'

Goosing It (Off-Air) - The term used by anyone on the Q Morning Show when we inform each other that we will be leaving as quickly as we can after the show. Like sh-- through a goose.

Here's the scoop - Lori's most often used phrase to announce she is about to go into greater detail on a subject. "Funtown is open this weekend! So here's the scoop, we've got a pair of tickets for you to win..."

Hapasanna - Lori's word for female parts she does not want to use the clinical term for. Emphasis is placed on the first syllable to denote how uncomfortable she is.

In my pie hole - Where Lori puts her food. "I need to get delicious baklava in my pie hole." If she pauses briefly between each word, she's REALLY hungry.

My girlfriends - Lori's friends Wayne and Scott. They aren't girls. You should know the rest.

Pod (Off-Air) - What Lori erroneously calls a slider on the audio board that controls the level of audio output to air. The technical term for this is a potentiometer, or 'pot' for short. Not pod. No one has bothered to correct her.


Side note - A term used by any morning show member and is followed by a sound effect of a record scratch indicating the current topic of discussion is about to be derailed by a loosely related, different topic.

Why do I even bother? - Used regularly by Jeff in frustration when both Lori and Kylie don't understand or can't relate in the slightest to what he is talking about.





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