It's Cold and flu season. Are you worried about catching a cold - or even worse - the FLU? Here are some ideas to reduce your risk at home and work .

Hey it's Trent, we want HAVE to stay healthy this season - right? We have too much going on to get sick. There are things you can do...

Check out this video - there's good insight on how germs are spread - How to Avoid the Flu at Work

We all do the same things to keep the flu away: 

  • Grab the door handle with your sleeve? - Yes
  • Use sanitizer a lot? - I do
  • Fist pump instead of a handshake? - Pretty much
  • Flu shot? - I got my first one ever this year

I got some good tips from this article on ways to make it through the season - Ways to Avoid the Flu

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