After 16 years of being pulled, the door handle on our studio door came off. That shouldn't be a big deal right? It's a real big deal when there's absolutely no way to get out of the studio without it.

The Q97.9 studios were built at One City Center back in 2001 and ever since we moved in the door has been a challenge for everyone. It's heavy and there some sort of air pressure issue where you have to really push or pull hard on it to open it. Once it goes, you hear a big whooshing sound of air as it passes through the open door. There's no latch either. It's just push or pull to open.

After all these years, the door handle on the inside used to pull open the door finally hand enough and came off in the cleaning guy's hand, trapping Rob Steel and him inside.




Looking Through Door

So now if the door should closed and we're inside, we have to call for help to get out since there's absolutely nothing to grab onto to pull the heavy door open.


Let's just hope that someone is always nearby to let us out until they can't this thing fixed!

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