A lot of the magic of The Q Morning Show happens behind the scenes before our microphones go live. And by magic, I mean sometimes inappropriate, often strange, and always entertaining things that lead to what you hear on the air. If you've ever wondered what it's like to sit in the studio during our show, here's a quick glimpse of what goes down.

1. We wear our jackets all year long.


You've probably heard us complaining about our meat locker of a studio. We're serious. It's so cold in here that even on the hottest, most humid days of the summer we wear our thick insulated jackets. Hear that rustling around? That's just Lori's puffy coat in June.

2. Kylie and Lori put on makeup in the middle of the show.


We must maximize our sleeping hours and if that means pushing off a makeup routine until the middle of the 7 o'clock hour, we'll do it. Lori's mascara and eye shadow and various other cosmetics are usually strewn across the desk for a full hour before she completes her routine.

3. We swear a lot.

At each other, at our coworkers, at the equipment in the studio, anytime we have to play Meat or Cheese (okay, that's just Jeff). We wear frequently and with gusto. It's truly amazing that we're able to flip and switch and censor ourselves as soon as the mics go live.

4. Multi-tasking is our middle name.

We're constantly blogging, posting on Facebook, coordinating our production for after the show (you hear those ads, we produce those ourselves!) all while balancing a coffee in one hand and flipping each other off with the other. Expert multi-tasking is the most important skill we need in this job.

5. We don't have a plan for the show.


We have a show planner with several neat little boxes that we fill in as we go. The best part about our show is we really don't know how each break is going to start or end. Lori may claim the break at 7:20 but beyond knowing that she will lead the conversation, we don't know what the topic will be or how the conversation will end. It can be scary but exhilarating at the same time. We've tried to plan out breaks and conversations before, and it always ends up sounding like a poorly acted sitcom. We're better off the cuff.