If you live and exist on the internet like the rest of us, you've probably seen the 'Starter Pack' memes floating around. These memes are usually a sarcastic and exaggerated list of items required to start up as a particular character or person.

For example, you might know a kid who always runs to class, and he probably always wears these items.

Or maybe you're looking for all the essentials post break up. You might need this Breakup starter pack.

If you've ever dreamed of living the life of Lori, Jeff, and Kylie, you're in luck. I've created a starter pack for The Q Morning Show.


The Q Morning Show Starter Pack


The starter pack includes essentials like studio headphones, an alarm clock set at an ungodly hour, and coffee (particularly Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew). Then there's the winter jacket because our studio is frigid all year long, Lori's massive stack of printed e-mails, a healthy dose of middle fingers and cursing, and the semi-regular text between the three of us announcing that we will probably miss the break at 5:30 a.m.

What would you include in your starter pack?

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