Welcome to the latest 'weapon' in our house. Oh...it's insane!


So, it's cold out and snowy, but the boys REALLY want to play with their new DUDE PERFECT SIGNATURE BOW from Nerf. Of course they do. And guess what, I'm alone with the kids.


That sucker is big!  Bow/arrow + Lori = accident waiting to happen.

I decide I don't want to go outside and want to let them shoot a couple inside the house. After an arrow went whizzing by my head about about 130mph, I decided that outside wasn't so bad.

The boys had a great time. I don't even think they knew how cold it was or that I was getting snotcicles from just watching. Check out this action shot.


Dear Dude Perfect guys (they can name them all - Cody, Garrett, Cory, Tyler and Coby!) can you pretty please make smaller things that don't fly at 130mph?