It's been exactly a year since my boyfriend Chris and I hosted a house warming party at our new condo. We invited all of our coworkers over for appetizers and adult beverages to fill our home with good vibes and great memories with the people who have known us from the beginning of our relationship.


Since it's been a year, I figured enough time has passed that I can share a very funny photo and story from the party. Naturally, Lori Voornas was on the guest list for the housewarming. She arrived a little after the crowd, citing "a previous engagement" for making her tardy. Whatever, I think she just likes to make an entrance. 

I had just finished my drink so Chris went to work fixing me a second as I dove back into a very intense conversation with another coworker about the renovations at our condo. I wasn't paying attention, so Lori apparently decided to grab the drink and hand it across the room to me.

I'm not sure what happened between point A and point B, but I heard the sound of a plastic cup hitting the ground and Lori's panicked yell. The entire drink covered our brand new hardwood floors.


It's not unusual for a drink to get spilled at a party but Lori was so worried that I was upset with the mess. As she and a few others unraveled an entire roll of Bounty onto the floor, I just cracked up laughing. If 13-year old me knew that Lori Voornas of The Q Morning Show would be in my house and spilling drinks when I'm an adult, I never would've believed it. Isn't the world weird?