A month ago, an autonomous zone was established in Seattle, where I used to live. People were protesting everything from black lives matter government oversight and poverty and homelessness in the city. I watched the news thinking to myself how fortunate that even though homelessness is everywhere, it wasn't happening to that degree here in Portland ME. Well, I was wrong, as we can now see by what's going on in the steps of City Hall, the homeless encampment is growing day by day. They are protesting everything from defunding to the police, to affordable housing initiatives in the city.  

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I can understand the affordable housing factor as I make a decent income, and it was hard for me to find a place to live when I first arrived in this great city. As the homeless encampment continues to grow, so are unsanitary conditions, crime, low morale, and fear of a possible COVID-19 outbreak. 2020 both locally and nationally, is the year in which anything that could go wrong will go wrong. 

According to NEWS CENTER Maine, the homeless protest continues to get more extensive wrapping around in nearby streets; I've also seen tent cities in areas that I haven't seen before, including off of forest street and in the Deering Oaks area. The big question that everyone wants to know is what is it going to take to resolve these issues that are being addressed? How do you tell people who have nowhere to go, to go home? What are your thoughts on what can we do to solve this crisis in the city of Portland and other cities in Maine? 

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