I'm a true 27-year old Millennial. I live my life through my phone and maintain social relationships on the internet. If there's an app for it, I've got it. Staying in a stranger's home when I travel using AirBnb doesn't freak me out and avocado toast is a food group in and of itself.

However, this morning I did something that I think may make me a weirdo for my generation.


I subscribed to a newspaper. Not the online version. I'm talking an actual physical turn-your-finger-tips-black-printed-and-delivered-to-my-doorstep newspaper. This Sunday I will receive my first Sunday edition of the New York Times.

One of my 2017 resolutions was to become more actively aware of current events. It's October, so I'd better jump on that resolution, right? I figure if I'm paying for it and there's a physical stack of papers on my kitchen counter once a week, I'll be more inclined to read about what's going on in the world.

Am I the only Millennial who subscribes to a newspaper? Do you do something that's considered odd for your age?

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