A very funny thing happens when you take a recording of someone speaking and play it at half speed. Suddenly they sound like they're at the tail end of bar hopping in Portland's Old Port.

Jimmy Kimmel did that on his show Monday with President Trump's new press secretary Sean Spicer's scolding of the press for their reporting of the attendance at Trump's inauguration.

Well this just sounded like too much fun for us, so we did the same for Lori. We went back to an earlier part of Monday's show and took audio of Lori talking about a conversation she had with Jen about the new Star Wars movie title. When it's slowed down to half speed, she sounds like she's drunk and talking to herself.

Then we grabbed a recording of her promoting what was coming up on the next Q Morning Show and slowed that down to half speed. Once again, drunk as a skunk but this time she was singing.

Awesome huh? What and who will we slow down next?

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